React Native Rmc Date Picker

React Native Rmc Date Picker

React Mobile DatePicker Component (web and react-native)

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DatePicker props

name description type default
className(web) additional css class of root dom node String
prefixCls(web) prefix class String ‘rmc-date-picker’
pickerPrefixCls(web) picker prefix class String ‘rmc-picker’
defaultDate default selected date. Date
date The currently selected date. Date
mode The date picker mode. String ‘date’ enum(‘date’, ‘time’, ‘datetime’, ‘year’, ‘month’)
minDate min date Date new Date(2000, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0)
maxDate max date Date new Date(2030, 1, 1, 23, 59, 59)
minHour min Hour [0, 23] Number 0
maxHour max Hour [0, 23] Number 23
minMinute max Minute [0, 59] Number 0
maxMinute max Minute [0, 59] Number 59
locale the locale of area Object import from ‘rmc-date-picker/lib/locale/en_US’
use12Hours 12 hours display mode Boolean false
minuteStep The amount of time, in minutes, between each minute item. Number 1
onDateChange Date change handler. Function(date: Date)
onValueChange fire when picker change (vals: any, index: number) => void
formatMonth Customize display value of months (month:number, current:Date) => React.Node
formatDay Customize display value of days (day:number, current:Date) => React.Node

rmc-date-picker/lib/Popup props

name description type default
className(web) additional css class of modal node String
style(web) additional modal style object {}
popupTransitionName(web) String
maskTransitionName(web) String
prefixCls(web) popup’s prefix class String ‘rmc-picker-popup’
styles(react-native) PopupPicker’s styles StyleSheet.create
datePicker DatePicker element React DatePicker element
date The currently selected date. Date
visible whether pop picker is visible Boolean false
onChange exec on ok Function(date: Date)
onVisibleChange called when pop picker visible change Function
onDismiss exec on dismiss function
okText ok button text string/React.ReactElement ‘Ok’
dismissText dismiss button text string/React.ReactElement ‘Dismiss’
title Popup title string/React.ReactElement

Test Case


open coverage/ dir


rmc-date-picker is released under the MIT license.


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